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What is TechPAY?

TechPAY is our unique B2B financing option offered by Tech Data Australia to the Australian IT channel to help reseller partners improve cashflow and boost sales.

Why is TechPAY different?

TechPAY is unique to the Australian IT channel, in that we have digitised the financing process from start to finish, enabling partners to apply for finance in as little as 3 minutes without emails, phone call, or human intervention required. The finance payment options are outlined on every Tech Data quote, providing partners an option to immediately apply in just a few clicks.

How do I get a TechPAY finance quote?

From February 2020, TechPAY finance options are displayed on our standard product quote you receive from Tech Data, or just ask your Tech Data Sales Specialist to include this option on your quote. (Tech Data quote contact details at the bottom of this page)

What can be financed under TechPAY?

All Software, hardware, installation services, license/contract renewals you purchase through Tech Data are available via TechPAY finance.

Is there a minimum order value?

The minimum total deal size to qualify for TechPAY finance option is A$5,000 ex.GST

Who is Multipli?

Multipli is our finance service provider partner behind TechPAY. Multipli is based in Sydney, Australia with operations in US and UK. For further details please visit

Who approves the TechPAY finance application?

The finance provider for TechPAY, Multipli will approve/decline the finance application base on their credit and risk assessment criteria.

Do I need a credit account with Tech Data to finance deal through TechPAY?

No, as you are bypassing Tech Data’s credit department when you finance your order through TechPAY, you will be paying Multipli directly instead of Tech Data. (i.e. if you only have cash account with Tech Data you are welcome to finance your deal through TechPAY)

What are the requirements to apply?
  • Minimum requirements:

  • 1. 5+ years of GST registration.

  • 2. Asset backed director guarantee.

  • 3. Good company credit history.